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¹ 5-2010

To the 50-year anniversary of Siberian Energy Institute
B.G. Saneev( ) Basic trends in economic studies of energy development in Russia's eastern regions
The paper shows what objectives the Siberian Branch of the Russian Academy of Sciences pursued by establishment of the Siberian Energy Institute in Irkutsk, and how the Institute’s research tasks transformed over the past 50 years.
Key words: Russian Academy of Sciences, Siberian Branch, institute, researches, energy

Fuel and energy complex of Russia's East: Priorities, problems and mechanisms of development policy implementation
B.G. Saneev( ) Eastern vector - a priority direction of Russia's energy development in the first half of the 21st century
The paper overviews the first steps of Melentyev Energy Systems Institute SB RAS and its progress in regional energy studies; what researches were made under a new economic situation; and what studies concerning the energy sector development in the eastern regions of Russia were conducted.
Key words: regional energy studies, eastern vector of the energy policy, phases, mechanisms, strategy, eastern regions of Russia

External conditions for energy development in Russia's East
A.G. Korneyev(, G.V. Agafonov(, V.Yu. Malov(, V.V. Vorobieva ( Complex development of territories - a major direction of accelerated economy and energy development inRussia's East
The paper considers the issues of prospective socio-economic development in the eastern part of Russia in the context of building energy complexes and a regional resource base in East Siberia and the Far East. We present our assessment of contribution such complexes made to a rapid economic growth in the eastern regions.
Key words: socio-economic development, scenarios, resource potential, territorial production and energy complexes, energy sector, forecast, gross regional product, rates of economic growth

S.P. Popov(, D.A. Sokolov( Capacity of energy markets in the countries of Northeast Asia for Russian energy resources
We analyze a current situation on energy markets in the countries of Northeast Asia, and we present our economic forecast of these markets as well as possible market capacity for Russian fuel and energy resources for the period till 2030.
Key words: countries of Northeast Asia, energy markets, export, import, fuel and energy resources, economic situation, energy market capacity

B.G. Saneev( ), A.V. Lagerev(, V.N. Khanaeva ( Energy markets in Russia: role and place of eastern regions
We present our forecast of supply and demand for fuel and energy in Russia for the first half the XXI century. We show what role the eastern regions would play in Russian production and consumption of fuel and energy resources, and what dynamics and structure of energy resources export to the European part of Russia and abroad could be observed.
Key words: energy markets, eastern regions, fuel and energy complex, fuel and energy resources, export

Yu.D. Kononov(, D.Yu. Kononov( Prices of energy resources of Eastern regions: current state and changes in the context of the Russian and world trends
The authors present their forecast of changing market prices for energy carriers, which could be observed in the regions of Siberia and the Far East, assuming the economic situation on the world’s oil markets and the prices covering self-repayment of gas, coal and black oil production.
Key words: Siberia, Far East, fuel, electricity, prices, energy markets, forecasts, tendencies

Strategic directions of energy development in Russia's East
B.G. Saneev( ), A.D. Sokolov(, S.Yu. Muzychuk(, R.I. Muzychuk ( Structural changes in the perspective fuel and energy balances
The paper considers methodological issues of how perspective fuel and energy balances can be drawn up and applied to the eastern regions of Russia. The structural transformations which could take place due to the energy industries progress in these regions are analyzed.
Key words: eastern regions, energy consumption, fuel and energy complex, fuel and energy resources, fuel and energy balance, structure, energy efficiency

A.V. Lagerev(, V.N. Khanaeva (, K.S. Smirnov ( Priorities and prospects for power industry development
The paper shows the structural transformations which could take place in power production in East Siberia and the Far East over the period until 2030; an extent of generating capacities; and demand for fuel and investments required for further development of power plants and networks. Our calculations were made within the framework of two development scenarios for this macro-region.
Key words: East Siberia, the Far East, forecast, power industry, generating capacities, efficiency, electric power export

V.A. Stennikov(, T.V. Doborovolskaya(, O.A. Edeleva ( Prospects for heat economy development
We analyze a state of affairs in heat supply available to customers in regions of the Siberian and Far East Federal Districts, and we assess the prospects of its improvement. We also present our forecast of heat energy production and consumption balances. We also offer the innovations which would allow overcoming negative trends on the way of modernization.
Key words: heat supply, heat suppliers, fuel supply, heat sources, heat network, development tendencies, strategic priorities

A.D. Sokolov(, L.N. Takaishvili( Directions of coal industry development
The paper describes an economic situation in coal industry of the East of Russia, i.e. the coal production, reserves, supply and consumption as well as the problems, priorities and development goals of this sector. Having formulated a prospective demand for coal, we show how the coal industry could develop in this region over the period till 2030.
Key words: coal, consumption, reserves and resources, forecast, production, balances, East Siberia, the Far East

B.G. Saneev( ), L.A. Platonov(, E.P. Maysyuk(, A.K. Izhbuldin ( Problems and prospects ofoil and gas industrydevelopment
We consider the development prospects and key problems of oil and gas industries in the East of Russia as well as backgrounds for building gas processing and gas chemistry industries.
Key words: oil-and-gas complex, regions of the Russian East, oil and natural gas production, foreign and domestic markets of hydrocarbon, future trends of development, gas processing, and gas chemistry

T.F. Tuguzova(, I.Yu. Ivanova ( Directions in enhancement of decentralized power supply efficiency
We analyze the specifics and problems of decentralized power supply in the eastern regions of Russia, as well as development preconditions and problems of a small energy sector. We also discuss under what conditions a decentralized power supply zone could be enlarged to remain effective; under what conditions the local fuel consumption becomes more effective; and whether more extensive use of low-power nuclear stations would benefit. We offer our recommendations on promoting a small energy sector.
Key words: decentralized consumers, depreciation of equipment, reduced fuel consumption, reconstruction, modernization, cogeneration, increased performance index, low-power nuclear stations, and competiveness

I.Yu., Ivanova(, T.F. Tuguzova(, N.A. Khalgaeva ( Renewable natural energy resources: potential and prospects for utilization
We analyze potentials of renewable resources available in the eastern regions of Russia, and we assess how effective to decentralized consumers such resources could be. Zones of reasonable location of renewable resources and possible volumes of their use in the east of Russia are shown.
Key words: potential, renewable resources, small hydro stations, wind-driven power plant, solar heat systems, photoelectric transducers, geo-thermal power stations, efficiency, and scales

A.A. Koshelev( Energy supply to the Baikal environmental zone
We present our zoning of the Baikal natural area as environmental areas, the way how such areas could be provided with energy, and how the central area and its parts could be supplied with power through combining external and local energy resources.
Key words: Baikal Lake, Baikal natural area, zoning, ecology, energy supply, and energy resources

A.G. Korneyev(, A.S. Tsapakh(, K.A. Bobkov ( ) Budget efficiency ofenergydevelopment .
We assess budgetary efficiency of a fuel and energy complex in the East of Russia. And we compare two sources of investments required for development of this complex – from budgets of all levels and taxes paid by the complex to relative budgets.
Key words: fuel and energy complex, power industry, cal industry, oil and gas complex, investments, budget, power industry, tax revenue, and budgetary efficiency

Problems and mechanisms of implementing energy development policy in Russia's East
V.A. Stennikov(, A.D. Sokolov(, P.A. Sokolov(, T.F. Tuguzova( Priority directions ofenergysaving andmechanisms oftheirimplementation
We consider key provisions of the strategic initiatives on higher efficiency of power produced in the eastern regions of Russia. We assess sectoral potentials and offer the priority ways of energy saving. We also show that renewable energy sources could make the fuel consumption lower in the eastern region of Russia. Organizational and institutional background as well as a technology policy concerning energy saving are considered.
Key words: energy saving, power efficiency, fuel and energy complex, energy saving potential, priorities, energy losses, modernization, and power efficient technologies and equipment

B.G. Saneev ( ), E.P. Maysyuk ( Problems and mechanisms of environmental policy implementationforfuel and energycomplexdevelopment
The paper identifies and assesses environmental impacts of the fuel and energy complex operating in the East of Russia. Key priorities of the environmental policy and its appropriate mechanisms required for developing the energy sector in this region are presented.
Key words: power industry, environmental problems, regions of Russian East, and environmental activity

S.M. Senderov(, E.M. Smirnova( Energy security problems and methods for theirsolution
We present an approach to assess energy security in the units of the Russian Federation which combines the instruments of monitoring and indicative analysis and which was developed by Melentyev Energy Systems Institute SB RAS. The assessment was made through comparing the actual values of key indicators with those set by experts and being threshold ones. An integrated quantitative assessment of the macro-regional energy security as well problems of different regions are also presented. This can allow finding the ways of ameliorating the situation.
Key words: energy security, fuel supply, regions of East Siberia and the Far East, indicative analysis, and energy complex

A.G. Korneyev(, K.A. Korneyev(, S.I. Violin ( Main mechanisms for implementation ofenergydevelopment policy
We analyze how energy strategies and programs for the eastern regions of Russia are developed and implemented at present, and we consider the mechanisms allowing their better implementation.
Key words: energy strategies and programs, investment projects, economic and institutional mechanisms, investment policy, investment sources, fiscal and tax policies, international cooperation, and energy diplomacy

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