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Rules for the Authors of the Journal ôRegion: Economics and Sociologyö

The manuscripts of scientific articles submitted to the journal should express new, not yet published results of research on regional economics and economic sociology of regions.

An article with obligatory UDC index should contain: an abstract, keywords, the aim of research, scientific novelty (it should be stated what new ideas the article conveys as compared to other publications on the same topic), the materials and methods of research, the results of research and further discussion of them, study findings or a conclusion, a list of references, information about the author(s); it could be mentioned which plan, grant, etc. was used to carry out the research work.

All the articles submitted to the Editorial undergo a one-month review. A single article is considered no more than twice. In case of rejection, the author receives a reasonable refusal. Reviews are sent to the authors by e-mail.

The edited version of the article prepared for printing is sent to the author by e-mail for their approval.

The manuscript up to 40,000 characters with spaces should be written in Microsoft Word and sent to the Editorial via e-mail ( having the following parameters: Times New Roman regular font, 12 point throughout, without hyphenation, 1.5 vertical spacing; horizontal tables should have no more than 110 characters in a line, figures should not exceed 110x165 mm. The computer file with the manuscript should be titled with the authorĺs romanized name, e.g., ôIvanovö.

An abstract to the article should be 120 to 250 words. It should reflect:

The abstract and keywords (6-8 words) are given both in Russian and English.

In addition to the main text file, it is necessarily to save figures in separate files. They should have a format that allows editing and configuration change. You are obliged to submit digital data tables for graphs, charts and diagrams in their original format, as diagrams often have to be rebuilt from scratch.

Tables should be drawn in Microsoft Word. Their numbers are right-aligned (in italics), the titles of the tables are centered (in bold).

Numbers of formulas should be right-aligned. Automatic numbering for formulas cannot be used in the text.

References are listed at the end of the article. For each source you should specify the total number of pages for a book or page numbers for an article. In the text, links to sources should be placed in square brackets. In the case of direct quoting, page numbers of the source are indicated.

Works without attribution (regulations, statistical digests, web addresses, articles from internet resources), as well as works of the author (self-citations), should not be included to the references in the manuscript of the scientific article, but rather given in the footnotes throughout the text.

The list of references should be arranged in alphabetical order.

The manuscript of the article should end with information about all its authors in the following order: last name, first name, middle name (in full), academic degree, academic title, full name of the authorĺs main place of work, position, e-mail address, mailing address of the organization.

In accordance with the Civil Code of the Russian Federation, the authors and the journal must enter into a licensing agreement to use a scientific work in the journal.

Authors are not charged for publication of the manuscripts.

                                                                    The manuscripts should be sent via e-mail:


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