Russian version

on reviewing manuscripts for research articles
Region: Economics and Sociology

1.      The number of reviewers is determined by the Editorial Board.
      2.      The review should specify the authorĺs name, the title of the article, its size, and the date when the article was submitted for reviewing.
      3.      Articles written by Members of the Russian Academy of Sciences are not reviewed.
4.      A reviewer evaluates:
-    whether the article conforms to the specialization of the journal,
-    topicality,
-    whether the article states a scientific problem,
-    the problem that constitutes the article and how it is considered,
-    new ideas proposed by the author and the novelty of the obtained results,
-    whether the solutions to the discussed problem are convincing, and the information is logically presented,
-    whether the research results presented in the article correspond to the initial problem definition,
-    terminological consistency
-    whether the author knows which academic literature discussed the same problems,
-    peculiarities of the authorĺs style and language (their clarity, a need for further scientific and linguistic editing, etc.),
-    overall conclusion
     5. The review should specify the reviewerĺs full name, his academic degree and title, the date when the review was submitted to the Editorial Board (the author of the article is not informed of the reviewerĺs name).
     6. With due regard to the reviewersĺ opinions, the Editorial Board decides if the article should be published.
     7. The Editorial Board reports their decision to the author.


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